Window Treatments

Adding a window covering to a room can be both a functional and esthetically pleasing element.  A window treatment can set the stage for your home décor acting as a focal point or flow within the setting to accentuate and compliment your furnishings.  Our experienced decorator specializes in soft window treatments including all types of drapery, swags, jabots, and valances. 






For your convenience we offer a Complimentary In-Home Consultation


Shop at home!  Our window treatment specialist will come to you to conduct a one on one consultation in the actual area the window treatment will be placed.  During this time we will design a window covering that is conducive to the current or future decor along with the established budget.  We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process from designing the window treatment to the day of installation.


The Benefits of a Window Treatment


While window treatments ultimately enhance the beauty of any room, it also aids in:


Work the night shift? Or maybe you have an upper level media room? 

Our window treatment specialist will suggest a window covering with a particular lining, giving you the option to create complete darkness as desired.  Soft and hard light filtering window coverings are also available with a wide variety of fabric to choose from.


Climate Control

One great benefit of adding window treatments to your home is the insulation factor.  Window treatments help to keep the cold air out in the winter season and it helps to keep the cool air in during the summer season.



Provides Privacy

A window treatment specialist will work with you to create the desired window treatment that will provide privacy without obstructing the view.



Our window treatment specialist will also provide:


Precise Measuring


The combination of unique windows, ceiling heights, personal preferences, and window treatment proportions require precise measurements for a successful window covering.  We combine all of the above specifications to fabricate a custom window treatment constructed to your desire.


Professional Installation


We provide certified experienced installers.  The installation process is supervised by the decorator to ensure specified placement and client satisfaction. 


We Offer Quality Fabric & Expert Style Selections


The Experienced Window Treatment Specialist will assist you in choosing the type, style and fabric that will be used to construct your window treatment. We provide you with an assortment of fabrics to choose from based on the style to be fabricated.  Suggestions are then given surrounding the desired result. 


We also assist in designing and coordinating bedding ensembles, upholstered headboards and furniture to complete the decor. 


Douglin Décor & Planning recognizes the benefits gained by adding a window treatment to your environment.  We combine all of the above components to capture the essence of a window covering that is efficient and esthetically pleasing.


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